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Andover Patio Centre supply CO2 gas and mixed gases for pubs, bars and restaurants. Our bar supplies include CO2 which is a food-quality carbon dioxide, ideal for dispensing soft drinks and beers

Andover Patio Centre supply the following CO2/N2 Mixtures:

60/40 is a 60% carbon dioxide/40% nitrogen mixture used for dispensing highly carbonated lagers and ciders.

30/70 is a 30% carbon dioxide/70% nitrogen mixture widely used for dispensing a range of stouts and ales.

Whenever bar trade is brisk, serving bar customers is more important than struggling with gas cylinders. At Andover Patio Centre, we understand this. So we deliver full CO2/mixed gas cylinders into your cellar, and we offer a service for the removal of empty gas cylinders. That leaves you more time to spend with customers.

We provide all the gases you need to supply high quality, bright, well-presented beers and soft drinks to keep your customers satisfied.

Andover Patio Centre provides CO2/N2 mixtures for licensed trade premises, our mixed gases are widely used because they:

  • give beer a creamier, longer-lasting head, improving the appearance and desirability of the product
  • reduce fobbing, which means less loss and increased profits
  • allow faster dispensing to ensure customers are served promptly and efficiently every time
  • avoid the need for complex electric pumps extend the life of slower-moving draught beers.

For more information and to see how we can assist you, call us on 01264 323368, or email us by clicking here on our enquiry form.

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