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We are aggregates suppliers for stone, gravel and cement. Our building supplies and aggregates can be delivered to your door - this includes decorative stones, loose aggregates, bagged aggregates, scalpings, sand, grit ballast, shingle and gravel - all available from Andover Patio Centre.

All our high quality aggregates are for sale and are available to buy loose by the cubic metre (or part thereof) measured in cubic metre calibrated buckets or bagged - whichever is more convenient for your needs. Our loose aggregate (or bagged) supplies include a wide variety of gravels, sand and stones. Included in our range of loose and bagged aggregates are:

  • Decorative stone
  • Scalpings
  • Sand
  • Grit
  • Ballast
  • 10mm shingle
  • 20mm shingle
  • Cerney shingle
  • Cement

Bagged aggregates

Our bagged aggregates are available in 25kg bags

Decorative stones and gravel

Decorative stones are available for sale from us and can be used for garden bedding coverage, path bordering and pond surroundings. They also make ideal coverage for footpaths, planting borders, border edging stones, driveways, water features, rockeries and general landscaping. If you need advice on which decorative stone would suit your needs best, come and speak to our experienced staff who are always on hand to help.

Included in our wide range of decorative stones are:

  • 20-30mm Highland Cobbles
  • 50-75mm Highland Cobbles
  • Rockery Stones
  • Cotswold Chippings
  • Green Chippings
  • Blue Slate (40mm)
  • Plum Slate (40mm)
  • 10mm Shingle
  • 20mm Shingle
  • 20mm Cerney Shingle

A guide to choosing gravel

Aggregates from Andover Patio CentreWhether it's flat on a slope or heavily trafficked, there's a gravel product to suit every setting.

Gravel is one of the most versatile ground covers that suits all seasons. Gravel can create a soft-looking yet hard-wearing driveway surface, pathway or informal seating area. It also looks great as a border between grass lawns, patio slabs and buildings.

There are many different gravels you can choose from and you're welcome to visit our aggregates supplies site to choose the best type of gravel or shingle that will suit your purposes. If you would like any assistance, please do ask and a member of our staff will be happy to help.

What is the best gravel for a driveway?

Although gravel driveways are generally less expensive than concrete or tarmac, they do require slightly more maintenance. The type of gravel chosen for the driveway is critical to how well it forms a solid, durable surface. Gravel driveways are composed of layers of several different sizes of gravel. Any size gravel or other surface dressing can be used for a driveway, although 10mm gravel is the most popular choice. Any aggregate larger than 20mm poses a hazard if flicked up by the tyres of traffic using the driveway.

Creating smooth pathways with gravel

If you want to create a soft-looking, inexpensive path way that is also a good surface for wheelchairs, for instance, we have just the right supplies for you. To create a smooth pathway with gravel, you create a mix of sand (available from us) and soil with a 10mm sized gravel (also available from us) and dry cement. The result will be a light, sandy, firm surface (i.e. no loose gravel) which is also extremely economical and can be used for extensive pathways too.

Adding gravel to the mix, gives you extra texture so you can alter the proportions and materials to give you a colour and texture you like. A cobble stone edge finishes pathways nicely.

Cerney Shingle

What is Cerney Shingle? Cerney shingle is a decorative aggregate also known as South Cerney Shingle, it is a very attractive cream coloured, rounded aggregate with many horticultural and building uses.


Our Scalpings are available in 40mm to dust.

The size of scalpings refers to the size of the holes in the 'sieve' when they are separated from larger rocks at the quarry. The most popular choice is 40mm scalpings as this is the size that can be applied to the majority of projects, both commercial and residential.

Whether you're organising a residential driveway project or are planning a larger commercial build, scalpings provide the ideal sub-base to fill uneven surfaces and leave you with the ideal foundation that will offer high quality results.

What are scalpings?

Scalpings are basically quarry waste. They are stones that have been contaminated with clay that are removed by the quarry during their screening process to ensure that their supply of larger rocks maintains its quality. They are ideal to fill in potholes in byways and roads or farm tracks for instance.

Delivery or Collect in store

All our sand, gravel and stones are available to collect from our site in Andover, Hampshire or for delivery to your premises - including Wiltshire, Hampshire and Berkshire. Please contact us to arrange a delivery and to check if delivery charges are applicable.

Aggregates have many uses including driveway coverage and creating pathways. Many are mixed with cement for use as concrete or mortar. In addition, they can be used for concrete blinding (which is essentially a gap filler - concrete blinding is the process of pouring a thin layer of concrete over the floor of a new building; this can be over the hardcore or over the foundation itself. The purpose of this is to seal in underlying material and prevent dirt and mud from interfering with the structure).

Our decorative aggregates are available in 25kg bags or in bulk bags which are available by pre-ordering only. All decorative stones can be delivered to your door or collected from Andover Patio Centre, Andover, Hampshire.

Ordering Aggregates

To order all types of building aggregates, which can be delivered to your door, contact our building supplies team who'd be happy to help. We have large stocks of aggregates available at all times so just place your order or come and visit us at Picket Piece, Andover, Hampshire.

Our aggregates site is through Walworth Industrial Estate and next to The Commercial Centre where there is ample free parking so it’s easy to park and collect your building supplies and garden supplies if required.

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